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Mythos Furniture

Mythos Furniture is honored to represent two well established luxury Italian furniture realities: Zancanella Renzo & C. and Bello Sedie.

Both companies offer solutions of unique elegance: all their furniture is fully designed and manufactured in Italy, with materials of utmost quality and durability. With a true passion for craftsmanship and a solid family tradition, Zancanella and Bello exhibit aesthetics and durability, simplicity and customization.

Mythos Furniture is your ideal partner in luxury furnishing.

mythos glaze

Mythos Glaze

The latest addition to the Mythos family, Mythos Glaze is the ideal partner of our furniture division, but it is also Mythos highest expression of full customization.

Water Transfer Printing: this innovative technique allows to transfer an image from a film to any object of any material, including steel, plastic, glass, wood, and many others.  This thin covering layer transforms a common object into something unique, personal, a true piece of art.

Mythos Glaze is ready to make anybody’s imagination come alive.

mythos gourmet

Mythos Gourmet

Italy is history, tradition, magical connection between the people of this land and their territory.  Mythos Gourmet is all about sharing the true flavor of this country with the world.

Mythos Gourmet is proud to bring our customers the taste of exquisite Italian wines, expression of talented and distinctive producers such as Bellaguardia, Filippi, Frozza, La Costa and Le Ragose.

From Valpolicella to Valdobbiadene, from aromatic red wines to sparkling whites: Mythos Gourmet is your choice.

mythos green

Mythos Green

Mythos Green and Roofingreen: partners in energy savings.

Roofingreen is a patented modular system which provides an innovative solution to improve the aesthetic, as well as the thermal and acoustic performance of the building.  The high quality natural looking synthetic turf is only the surface: for indoor and outdoor, horizontal or vertical surfaces, Roofingreen is suitable for both new constructions and renovations.

Choose among a wide range of products: Mythos Green will provide the green solution for you.