History & Vision

In 1978, Morello Luciano started a small furniture company in Northern Italy. The constant involvement of the founder and his family in the daily operations has been the key of their success.

For more than 30 years, the careful and accurate selection of each partner, together with a strong commitment to quality and innovation, has guaranteed a steady growth and set the basis for future expansion.

The original business has progressively moved towards a diversification of products and interests, always with extreme devotion to the highest standards: the Morello’s are now into wholesale distribution and brand representation, as well as in real estate development and management.

In 2013, Mythos Global Pte. Ltd. was finally registered in Singapore, embracing a variety of brands, all unique in their own fields, but all united by common uncompromising values.  From Singapore, Mythos Global is progressively developing strategic partnerships within South East Asian countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Mythos Global strives for constant improvement in all aspects of its operations; the company’s ultimate objective is to create a bridge between East and West, fulfilling the dream of bringing what best Italy can offer to the challenging Asian markets.